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Cuban parties are about one thing: Food. Lots of it. Time for Zaza Catering!

Pachanga means party. Party means food. Food means Zaza!

Cuban gatherings are all about food, so when you are planning your next familia gathering or event think “Cuban American Comfort Food” from Zaza catering. Enjoy fluffy scrambled eggs and fresh baked pastries for breakfast meetings or homemade roast pork with rice and beans for lunch and dinner parties. Let Zaza Cuban Comfort Food make your next Pachanga stress free. Your guest will leave the party saying “Abuela’s got Competition”.

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zaza catering breakfast, lunch & dinner

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Egg Sandwiches, Pastries and Coffee to go
Catering presentation
Familia Showcasing Quesitos and Guava Pastries

Zaza Catering FAQ's

We cater business meetings to familia gatherings and everything in between. If you want something different, fresh and DELICIOSO for your upcoming event, Zaza Catering is your choice!

We cater both small and large sized events, 10 people to hundreds! The occasion is up to you.

We ask that you provide a 3-day notice if an event is going to be cancelled.

We ask that you provide a minimum notice of 24 hours to schedule a catering.


Yes, we do provide tastings, schedule permitting.

Absolutely! We just ask that you provide 24 hour notice for any changes to your catering.

Just email us at [email protected]